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Barcelona capital de la premsa gratuīta
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Histōric: 2es Jornades 2006
Histōric: 3es Jornades 2008
Histōric: 4es Jornades 2012
Histōric: 5es Jornades 2015
Barcelona, a reference point for the international free press

   This international conference is an initiative of the Catalan Free Press Association (ACPG) to make Barcelona the sector’s European capital. After two editions, the ACPG wishes to consolidate this event as a meeting point of reference and reflection for academics, journalists, publicists and business people from the communications sector on a world scale. 

   The Third World International Free Press Conference, taking place on 19, 20 and 21 November, expects to welcome as many as four hundred attendees with its wide range of presentations which are ambitious and representative of the new trends affecting the free press. The conference will be the ideal venue to discover new ideas in the publishing sector, technical solutions and future strategies for free publications and the specialised and local media, both in terms of paper formats as well as those offered by the latest technological developments. 

   In this way, the ACPG has the backing of public institutions, universities and professionals from the sector to make this a vital event in the analysis of future perspectives for the press and information services on an international scale.

Fòrum's building. Conference'06

Jordi Hereu, Barcelona's Mayor. Conference'06


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