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  Business strategies in time of crisis

Creativity as a competitive advantage
Lluís Bassat, advertising executive, Barcelona

Entrepreneur and expert in advertising and marketing. Having set up his own advertising agency, he created the Bassat Ogilvy Iberia group along with the multinational Ogilvy & Mather. Among its outstanding projects are the opening and closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games. He was nominated best Spanish publicist of the twentieth century.
Bassat will tell us about the direct relationship between creativity and advertising. He will also give us a direct insight into the competitive advantages of a free publication with a big readership on a local level in relation to its competitors.


Innovating through design: creating products which may satisfy markets with a specific interest
Mauricio Gutiérrez-USA/Mexico

Mauricio Gutiérrez is Director of Design in weekly sections of the newspaper Detroit Free Press in Detroit (Michigan) and is a design consultant. He has worked on projects in Mexico, Spain, USA, Poland and Singapore.
A lecturer of international renown, he has been invited to Barcelona so that he can speak about innovating an existing product and how markets with specific interests can be satisfied with new sections, providing practical cases and research with instructions to follow.


¿How do we react? How to introduce new strategies
Alberto Fernández, teacher of IESE-Barcelona

IESE teacher and lecturer. He coordinates the IESE programme “Making the strategy a reality”. He has collaborated with several companies to improve strategic planning and its introduction, cost systems and budgeting systems.
Alberto Fernàndez will lecture on key aspects to introduce good strategies with a special emphasis on how to cope in times of crisis. This will be illustrated with practical examples from companies which know how to adapt to such situations by modifying, if need be, their strategies.


From specialists in sales to consultants
Germán Ramon-Cortés, advertising executive and entrepreneur

Germán Ramón-Cortés was awarded an MBA by New York University and the HEC in París and graduated in Business Professional Services Administration from Harvard University. He has been President of the multinational advertising agency TiempoBBDO and advisory delegate of the communications group BBDO Spain. In 2007 he founded ParadigmaFCM in order to be able to devote himself to consulting and the creation of commercial communication. 
At the conference Germán Ramón-Cortés will explain the need to avoid limiting oneself to having a good product at a good selling price. Cortés defends the idea that when we go to speak to our clients, it isn’t enough to simply talk about “modules” and “distribution”, we need to explain the reasons behind our business and why we are of interest to them. This is all related to why our media actually exists, its mission, its values and its competitive advantages. But at the same time, we must understand “their” marketing plan and helping them to put it into practice. We will learn the foundations of a good marketing plan.




 Models of success of free press


  A newspaper which is a magazine: 
Österreich case 

Gert Edlinger, editor-Austria

The Austrian newspaper Österreich is a cross between a newspaper and a magazine. This publication, which first appeared in 2006 in one of the most populated media markets in Europe, mixes the magazine style with that of the newspaper with sections printed on coated paper and newsprint.
After participating in the 60 World Newspaper Forum, the editor Gert Edlinger will present his innovative format to us as wellas the contents strategy of this publication and will examine the new systems of digital impression.


De Pers case, opting for analysis and opinion 
Ben Rogmans, editor-Amsterdam (Holland)

The newspaper De Pers, born in January 2007, is a publication that thrives to challenge the traditional model of free press based on highly graphic brief news items and a wide readership. De Pers has decided on analysis and opinion as its main content. Its co-founder and director, Ben Rogmans, will be here to ask if it is possible for the free press to be successful if it invests in editorial content.


The Danish case, 
a good time for the specialised free press

Morten Nielsen, theorist-Denmark

A model country, Denmark is going through a phase of euphoria where the specialised free press is concerned. Moreover, there is a clear growth in interest on the part of readers concerning local content and also new digital publications. Media consultant and free press specialist, Morten Nielsen, will explain he situation of the Danish free press and publications of reference in a lecture introduced by the theorist and expert in European free press, Piet Bakker, who attended the Second World International Free Press Conference in Barcelona in 2006.


The Swedish/Norwegian case, 
seen by its associations

Swedish Newspaper Publishers’ Association

Mr Mikael Nestius is Editor in chief at the second largest free newspaper in Sweden, named "Stockholm City"

The Norwegian Press Association

Mr Tore Bollingmo is the Editor in chief for the local newspaper “Nordstrands Blad” and "Lokalavisene", a media company in Oslo which distribute six different weekly newspapers in 12 editions

Although it’s a small country, Sweden has a healthy and innovative publishing industry, both in the field of the free press and online media. Norway, the home of Schibsted, editor of the popular 20 minutes, has also been a good laboratory for experimenting with the free press.
Those responsible for the Swedish and Norwegian press associations- the Swedish Newspaper Publishers’ Association and the Norwegian Press Association- will be present in Barcelona as guests of the ACPG to explain how the Scandinavian free press market has evolved, the model of management involved and the services on offer to its associates.

Tore Bollingmo


 Towards multi-channel medias

Trends in free and online advertising: 
successful cases

Pablo Alzugaray, publicist-Madrid/Barcelona

After working in BBDO Barcelona Spain, he created Shackleton, an independent communications group, integrated by an advertising agency- shackleton ad-, one devoted to directed marketing- shackleton direct-, interactive marketing- shackleton digital-, one dedicated to events and public relations- shackleton events-and a customer intelligence company-Opportunity.
Alzugaray will explain the main points to keep in mind to take full advantage of the Internet and how to better administer agencies’ advertising, giving examples of recent success stories involving planners who have opted for the free and digital press.


The challenge of integrating multiple media channels in a news organization
Bengt Engwall, editorial developer-Sweden

He is head of editorial development at Norrköpings Tidningar, a mid sized local newspaper and the main media house in the NTM media group in Sweden. As the first newspaper in Sweden Norrköpings Tidningar launched a local TV-channel two years ago and he will talk about company’s media strategy and how they have managed the challenge of integrating print, online, television in the editorial organization of the media house.


The reader, the media’s protagonist. 
Interaction, participation and digital identity
Gumersindo Lafuente, journalist-Spain

Former director of, “Sindo” Lafuente is known as one of the most important specialists in digital journalism. He is presently head of a new project, known as, where the reader has the active role of constructing the media.
Defender of interaction as a tool of communication, he will talk to us about participation, digital identity and the role of the reader in the twenty-first century.


New applications for new media
Julián Gallo, interactive media consultant-Argentina

Teacher of “New Media” in Journalism at the University of Sant Andrés in Argentina. Specialist in digital journalism, Gallo is a point of reference in the this area which constantly studies new options presented by technology in order to make journalism fresh and more attractive, and also allows it to take full advantage of all formats. 
Thanks to this Argentinian, we will have a better understanding of what Web 0.3 is and how it will affect new digital newspapers.




 Other issues

2008, year of proximity planning: Before and after

José Gabriel Estrada Gil, Director of proximity planning-Barcelona

Director of the proximity planning area, the new network of local agencies of media leaders in Spain: Havas Media. His background is in market research and he was formerly director of research of MPG Barcelona.
José Estrada will tell us about new ways of understanding communication: proximity planning. He will teach us the importance of being close to the consumer, of having an insight into existing support systems in each area, in order to be able to prepare a plan which is completely ad hoc for the public which is the target of the campaign and thereby make sure the investment is well spent. He will show us with examples that this new approach can really change the planning of advertising campaigns.


What are young readers looking for?
Xavier Ginesta, teacher of journalism at the UAB-Barcelona

How do young people approach the free and digital press. Which do they read? Why? What type of content do they rate most? Do they see it as a substitute for the press you pay for?...These are some of the questions that will be answered in the presentation of results of different groups of research organised by young students from different universities and institutes in Europe.

    Click here if yoy want to download conferences' documentation:
                   - Bonn University
                   - Kalmar University
                   - Sevilla University
                   - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
                   - Universitat Ramon Llull
                   - Vic High School

Cabinet of communication and local journalists
Marta Corcoy, teacher of journalism at the UAB-Barcelona

Marta Corcoy is a teacher in the Faculty of Communications Sciences at the UAB and founder member of the Public Communication Laboratory. She presently coordinates the Journalism Postgraduate Programme (UAB).
Marta Corcoy will moderate an open debate involving journalists who work in the local environment in which work routines will be analysed as well as the relationship established between professionals belonging to private communication media and those working in public institutions.


Malpractices in the administration of the free press
Marta Corcoy, teacher of journalism at the UAB-Barcelona

The teacher Marta Corcoy has coordinated the elaboration of “the Decalogue of malpractices in local public communication” and the study of “ Local corporations and public information” which takes a critical look at different means of communication edited by councils.
In this conference we wish to become acquainted with the limits of public communication and whether these constitute a disloyal form of competition in a round-table discussion involving publishers and heads of communication from the area of public administration. And we will see some examples of both good and bad practices involving the free press in public administration.

Public Medias vs Private Medias
Open debate with de participation of politicians and editors

Salvador Esteva Figueras is at present mayor of Martorell (Baix Llobregat) and president of the Catalan Association of Towns and Regions (ACM), of which he was vocal (1987-2003). He is more than 20 years old of local politic experience in the town council of Martorell, as a town councilor (1979-1984) and as a mayor (1987-2003 and 2007-present), in the Consell comarcal of the Baix Llobregat (1988-1995) and in the Regional Government of Barcelona (1991-1992). He has also been in the Parliament of Catalonia (1992-2003).

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