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Three main areas

A debate which adapts to reality 

The Third World International Free Press Conference, taking place on 19, 20 and 21 November 2008, expects to welcome as many as four hundred attendees with its wide range of presentations which cover three main areas:

How do we react when faced with an economic crisis?

 1 Business strategies in times of crisis 

The ACPG does not turn its back on the present context and there can be no doubt that the press environment is conditioned by an uncertain future and a clear economic deceleration. It is for this reason that the Third World International Free Press Conference presents a realistic and constructive debate, which is relevant to the needs of and the challenges facing the small and medium-sized publishers which have to overcome the crisis with imagination, creativity and common sense. With this in mind, management and business strategy specialists will come to Barcelona to analyse new sales techniques, propose solutions related to distribution or specialisation of content. New trends in the field of the European free press will be analysed and cases of companies which have overcome situations of crisis will be presented.

What measures have been taken by major publishing companies in order to be leaders in their field?

2 Models of success in the free press  

The Third World International Free Press Conference will provide some of the most successful models in the international free press. Scandinavian countries are a world epicentre where innovative contents and successful publishing business ventures are concerned. Barcelona’s attendees will be able to listen to and apply the experience of Danish, Swedish and Norwegian publishers who will reveal the secrets behind the success of the free and digital press in medium-sized cities like Gothenburg, Oslo and Stockholm. This third conference will also provide models of free press in the United States and Latin America and will also present publications which are currently produced in Catalonia with that winning formula: information + content = readership

Do we know that paper no longer works alone? Is a digital economic boom on the way?

 3 Towards a multi-channel company  

Most free press publishers have opened digital newspapers so that they are on the starting line when the digital era’s economic boom gets under way. Making these new internet areas cost-effective is one of the media’s great challenges. In this third conference innovations will be presented in the generation of new formats and contents, which provide “digital profits” to the company concerned with accounts from media executives who will explain how their companies have taken full advantage of citizen journalism, cross advertising, online television, mobile media…


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