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Program and conferences' documentation
Press here, if you want to download the program (pdf)

Wednesday 19th October 2008 / First day


16.30h |
Visit exhibition

16.45h |
CONFERENCE : The reader, the media's protagonist. Interaction, participation and digital identity. Gumersindo Lafuente

17.30h | OPENING
• Welcoming speech of the President of the ACPG. Sr. Josep Ritort.
   • Words from the Mayor of Barcelona. Sr. Jordi Hereu.
   • Words from a representative of Culture and Communication. Sr. Joan Manuel Tresserras

18.30h  | OPENING CONFERENCE: Creativity as a competitive advantage. Lluís Bassat


20.30h |  Visit exhibition, end of day

Thursday 20th October 2008 / Second day

09.00h | Accreditation

09.30h | CONFERENCE : 2008, year of proximity planning. José Gabriel Estrada

10.00h | CONFERENCE : Trends in free and online advertising: successful cases. Pablo Alzugaray

11.00 | Coffee break

11.30h | FREE PRESS ASSOCIATIONS: Mikael Nestius (Swedish Newspaper Publishers’ Associations), Tore Bollingmo (Norwegian Press Association) and Josep Ritort (Catalan Associaction of the Free Press)

12.30h | The informative model of the Free Press. Open debate with de participation of journalists. Moderate : Marta Corcoy (UAB) and Enric Sierra (

13.15h | Innovate through design. Mauricio Gutierrez

14.00h | LUNCH

16.00h | CONFERENCE: How to improve my sales? From the commercial to the consultant. Germán Ramon-Cortés

17.00h | CONFERENCE: European models of the free press:
  • The De Pers case, opting for analysis and opinion. Ben Rogmans
  • The Stockholm City case, between a newspaper and a magazine. Mikael Nestius
  • The Danish case, a good time for the specialised free press. Morten Nielsen

18.15h | Coffee break

18.45h | CONFERENCE:
The challenge of integrating multiple media channels in a news organization. Bengt Engwall

19.30h | CONFERENCE: What are Young readers looking for? Open debate with university students about the future of the free press. Moderate : Xavier Ginesta (UAB), Dr. Gómez Méndez (University of  Sevilla), Anna Erra (Municipality of Vic)

    Click here if yoy want to download conferences' documentation:

                   - Bonn University
                   - Kalmar University
                   - Sevilla University
                   - Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona
                   - Universitat Ramon Llull
                   - Vic High School


21.30h | GALA DINNER

Friday 21st October 2008 / Third day

09.00h | Accreditation : Delivery of credentials and documentation

09.30h | CONFERENCE: How do we react? How to introduce new strategies. Alberto Fernández

10.30h | CONFERENCE: Launch ADN Colombia. Andrea Pulido

11.00h | Coffee break

11.30h | THE FUTURE OF THE BIG NEWSPAPERS. Round table with the participation of Xavier Gual (Metro), Toni Ayala (20 Minutos), Andrea Pulido (ADN Colombia) and Saida Antràs Olivella (Gente)

12.30h | PUBLIC MEDIAS vs PRIVATE MEDIAS. Open debate with the participation of Pere Prat (Federation of Municipalities of Catalonia), Salvador Esteve (Catalan Association of Municipalities), Enric Frigola (School of Journalists of Catalonia), Ramon Grau (The editor of the Tot Sant Cugat)

13.15h | My favorite free press. Piet Bakker (Hogeschool Utrecht)

14.00h | Closing and conclusions
  • Words of the State Secretary of Universities. Sr. Màrius Rubiralta
  • Summary and conclusions of Ritort Joseph, president of the ACPG

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