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   The Auditorium Axa is a part of Illa Diagonal, huge estate complex placed on the main artery from Barcelona that integrates a shopping center, two hotels, 48.000 m2 of offices, parking, two schools and a public park. 

   The urban center and the access from the airport and the rounds are very fast. The design of avant-garde and the quality of the work are shown in each detail of the building, outer as well as interior, converting L'iLLA in emblematic patrimony of the city.

   And this stage of great character is the most suitable for the celebration of the International Conference of the Free Press. The levels of quality of its contributions, air conditioning, lighting, public address system projection, acoustic, optimized accurately...  position it like an only space in the city. 

   The Auditorium has a capacity of 621 persons, comfortably seated in stalls (326) and amphitheater (295) with an optimum vision of the stage from all angles. There is a reserved zone for disabilities. The great width of the hall converts it| into a space with own, useful identity to lodge exhibitions and exposures and a special zone indicated to offer the services of restoration in the pauses or closures of the acts.

   The Auditorium of Axa Illa Diagonal is the choosen location for celebrate the Third World Free Press Conference.


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