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World specialists in the free press meet in Barcelona in October.                      



The Second International Free Press Conference, organised by the Catalan Free Press Association, will take place at Barcelona’s Fòrum site on the 25th, 26th  and 27th  October 2006


The aim of the conference is to compare data on the free press in Catalonia and Spain with that of other significant countries on a worldwide level, via debates and reports.  The programme includes discussion groups to deal with special areas of interest for editors of the free press, particularly the editors of local, county and regional publications; the most common models of free press here in Catalonia and Spain.


We are pleased to announce the presence, amongst others, of specialist speakers of international renown such as Professor Piet Bakker from the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, Guillermo Culell, editor of the Argentinian newspaper Clarin.com and founder of AM New York newspaper Russel Pergament and his circulation Director.



We are also pleased to announce the presence of speakers of national prestige such as Juan Varela, journalist, media consultant and editor of Periodistas21.blogspot.com; Alfonso Nieto, professor of the University of Navarra; as well as representatives both from the main media groups and companies associated with the world of the media as well.



At the same time as the conference the Catalan Free Press Association will be showing an exhibition of the international free press.  This will also be held within the area of the Fòrum.



We are expecting more than 300 participants from the world of the free press along with representatives from the world of the media in general.