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DATE CELEBRATION: 21 November 2017
PLACE: Auditorium of "La Pedrera",  Barcelona

Preamble: An analysis of the future from the proximity
The communication map is changing rapidly and more and more the media of proximity are gaining information leadership in the traditional media.

It is this tendency that has given rise to the concept of "hyperlocal" as a synonym for "globalization", that is, the continued tendency towards an increasingly saturated and fragmented market of information media that with the latest technological innovations give large companies the possibility of making themselves known through a new communication niche: "the press of proximity". Large brands through two proximities, geographic and thematic, reach a specific audience, which is enhanced by the emergence of digital media linked to a specific locality or theme. Catalonia is especially an example of how the proximity press is deeply rooted and is a testament to the media wealth of our territory, which evolves towards the creation of a new Catalan media paradigm.
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