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IAIN MACWHIRTER (Scotland): Political commentator for the Sunday Herald in Scotland. Author of “Democracy in the Dark” (Saltire 2014), and “Disunited Kingdom” (Cargo 2015). Iain is also a television presenter and a former BBC political correspondent. His documentary series, “Road to Referendum”, in 2013 was nominated for a Bafta. Has written for the Guardian, New Statesman, Observer and other UK titles. Iain is also former Rector of Edinburgh University.

His presentation, "Democracy in the dark". The 2014 independence referendum brought into sharp relief the problems faced by small nations in a globalized media culture. The press in Scotland is overwhelmingly pro-UK. Only one paper - the Sunday Herald - supported the Yes campaign. This led to a distortion of the democratic process. The referendum has hastened the decline of the printed press. Scottish newspapers are losing 10% of their readers every year. New media, while vigorous, cannot yet replace newspapers as site of the national conversation. Countries like Norway and Denmark addressed the problem of diversity by introducing press subsidies. This is unlikely to be introduced in a UK dominated by a metropolitan media culture.

JAMES BREINER (United States): digital media consultant specializing in entrepreneurial journalism.
Breiner is currently visiting professor of communication at the University of Navarra in Pamplona. He’s been a reporter, editor and general manager of financial media during the most part of his three decades in the profession. He has consulted for organizations like NewsU Poynter Institute, the New Latin American Journalism Foundation of Colombia and American City Business Journals. He currently writes about entrepreneurial journalism at

His presentation, "Getting to know your audience: how mobile phones and social networks are changing the rules."

PABLO ARCINIEGAS (Colombia): After studying and working in Germany and Spain, Pablo founded Re* a branding study in Bogota, Colombia. His sole and absolute proposal was the creation of the communication brand ALIVE® which has worked, in the last 10 years, with brands such as BMW Colombia, Semana Publications, Sura, Ford Foundation, Diners Magazine, among others.

His presentation: "The reinvention of the circle" is based on his working methods ALIVE® which have been implemented in over 80 companies in Colombia, USA, Panama, Spain, Italy and Germany:

- A: Analysis: Who is my client, what their community, their habits, their communication.
- L: Laboratory: define history and graphic line of the brand.
- I: identity: what is my brand personality, which is surrounded, what is your passion.
- V: values: what I represent my vision, why someone can feel reflected in my brand.
- E: evolution: now that I've defined my brand, as I introduce my audience, and strike up conversations, a relationship.
Each of the chapters takes real examples of brands around the world that will be recognized by the audience as well as the rational explanation behind the emotional.

LORENA AMARANTE (Argentina): Lorena has a Degree in Advertising and a Doble Master Degree in E-Business Management from the University of Georgetown and USAL. With over 15 years involved in projects related to the Internet, she is now a reference in the sector with extensive experience in the corporate environment in Latin America.

Her presentation: "Every organization is media" The impact of social networks and new technologies in the creation, distribution, access and content consumption habits. News organizations must embrace the new digital ecosystem and adapt to it. How to do it without dying in the attempt?

GENÍS ROCA (Catalonia): Internet expert. He is an Archeologist, specialized in the Lower Palaeolithic and also has a degree in History by the Autonomous University of Barcelona and an MBA from ESADE. He is managing partner of RocaSalvatella, a strategic consulting firm that assists companies in their digital transformation.

His presentation: “How to survive the digital present”

JOSEP M. GANYET (Catalonia): Digital ethnographer. Engineer UAB. He has worked in the areas of technology and communication in Catalonia, Germany and the United States. Creator of several companies in the field of communication, he is currently director of the communications company Mortensen, professor of Audiovisual Communication at the UPF and collaborator of RAC1 and BTV. Twitter agitator.

His presentation: "A Brief History of Time" In a digital environment our competitor no longer has the name of a newspaper but has strange names such as Facebook, Spotify, Twitter or PlayStation. We compete for the user's time in an over crowded information environment, but the day still has just 24 hours.

ALBERT CUESTA (Catalonia): He is a journalist, analyst, translator and lecturer specializing in consumer electronics and IT. He edits and the Spanish edition of the Mobile World Live. He is a collaborator for the Ara newspaper, Catalonia radio and 8tv. He is also a Professor of graduate programs at IDEC.

His presentation "Mobile devices, apps, websites... future trends." Consumption patterns of information according to the device. Yield optimization on mobile platforms. New technological trends.

MARIBEL MORALES (Catalonia): manager at OJDinteractiva. Degree in Information Technology Engineering and Information Technology Technical Engineering at UPC. Specialized in Software Engineering, Computer Graphic and Multimedia, IT Managing and Advanced Telecommunication Systems.

Her presentation: “Evolution of OJDInteractiva audited catalan digital media and presentation of the List of OJD / PGD audited catalan press" Maribel will explain the evolution of the Catalan digital media data since February 2012. She will analyze three specific days, in order to observe the behavior through a Big Data tool (tableau) uniting OJDinteractiva data and trends from Google trends under a very visual dashboard. The study cases are:
• September 11, 2013 - Catalan via
• September 11, 2014 - V
• November 9, 2014 - consultation
Moreover, the conference will show the importance of digital analytics aligned with online audit and the need to have a plan of digital measurement so as to optimize websites and increase conversions.

XAVIER GINESTA (Catalonia): journalist and lecturer in the Department of Communication at the University of Vic-Central University of Catalonia (UVic-UCC). PhD in Communication and Journalism by UAB and member of TRATO (Research Group on Audiovisual Translation, Communication and Territory) at UVic-UCC.

His presentation: "Territory branding and local communication. The need to create a brand story through journalism". The media are essential in creating territory branding, both in terms of participation in the process of conceptualization (tangible and intangible values associated with it), and for the subsequent creation of a credible story for all of those who will later use it. The process of creating the brands of Vic and Empordà are an interesting example to see how, at a regional level, local communication is a basic vector to consolidate brands that want to be lasting.

MIGUEL MADRIGAL (Spain): Currently Country Manager for Spain, number 1 in Europe Online TV, number 1 in Europe MCN (multi channel network of YouTube) and World No. 6. He is a Professor of Digital Business at ESIC, UM (University of Miami) and a frequent speaker in the digital industry. He has lived and worked in the US, Mexico, London, Amsterdam, Lisbon, Milan, etc... His job: managing director, business development and international sales.

His presentation: "Present and future of digital video" will deal with how the Digital Video has managed to take budgets from conventional TV, showing the growth of Online Video in Spain, Europe and the US Market and the Future, which is already here, is now heading towards Programmatic Buying. You are either in or outside.

RAÚL DÍA (Catalonia): 20 years of media experience, working for local clients (Barcelona City Council, Barcelona Provincial Council, Caixa Catalunya, Codorníu) and others not so local (Grupo Mahou San Miguel, Seat, Myrurgia). He has also been a Media Professor at the UAB for six years (2003-2009).

His presentation: "From proximity press (for citizens) to proximity press (for brands and agencies)" The aim of the conference is to understand the lack of closeness between brands and agencies and the proximity press and what to do to reduce that gap.

CLARA ANTÚNEZ (Catalonia): She is a sommelier specialized in the dissemination and promotion of Catalan wines with a long career. She is the project leader of "Well Done! Local Quality " a project based on the promotion of Catalan products and services from all productive sectors.

Her presentation: "Well Done! Local Quality" a project based on the promotion of Catalan products and services from all productive sectors made locally.

MARTA CORCOY (Catalonia): Journalist and researcher at UAB

Her presentation: "Catalan media map"
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