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Three main blocks
The Conference has been structured around three main topics:

Advertising, reach the public through proximity media
Communication and proximity: big brands new trend?
These changes have prompted big brands to communicate from a proximity point of view, basing all their strategy on proximity local media. The Conference will bring to Barcelona professionals and success stories that will shed some light on the new planning criteria currently being used by advertising planners and the new forms of communication that large companies are carrying on. We will discuss concepts such as how companies are adapting their communication strategies to an increasingly hyperlocal market and other concepts such as Km0 advertising offered by the local press.

At the same time, we will study how local companies providing leading local products are promoting a greater relationship with the media nearby and are sharing strategies and developing new means of communication in their territory.

Local media: how to enhance your brand
Trends amongst leading local media publishers. Is the future moving towards local multiplatform media?
The historical roots of a media to a community, a county or a specific target audience, along with the emergence of new media for the transmission of information and communication has made it possible for the editors to develop new journalistic products, new business models and new revenue schemes using new communication platforms that allow easy access to a nearby society that is increasingly more and more connected.

The journalist profession, from a journalistic point of view
What are the current trends in the local press and media? How is the publishing world changing for journalists? What are the examples of success in other countries? How to combine journalism, technology and proximity? Is the Km0 reader starring the new digital formats and communication styles? What are the new requirements for professional skills in the world of local press? Are we heading towards mobile journalism and adapted press rooms?
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