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An analysis of the future from a proximity point of view

The map of communication is rapidly changing, and increasingly the media are gaining proximity leadership and winning over major traditional news media. This is demonstrated in the latest audience data provided by EGM Barometer, where the local press has an excellent acceptance by the reader, making it, in most cases, the most read type of media in each region of our country.

This trend has led to the concept of "hyperlocal" as a synonymous of "globalization", ie: the continuing trend towards an increasingly saturated market and fragmented media, together with the latest innovations technology provides, large enterprises now have the ability to make themselves known through a new communicative niche: "the local press". The big brands through two types of proximity (geographic and thematic) reach specific audiences that are enhanced thanks to the emergence of local newspapers and blogs targeting specific citizens or subjects. Catalonia is a particular example of how the local press is deeply rooted and is testimony to the rich media of our country, which is evolving towards the creation of a new paradigm of the Catalan media.

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