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Wednesday 25 October 2006

Day one


16:30    Conference delegates and delegates: Forum building

               Presentation of identification and documentation.


17:30    Opening session

               Words on behalf of central government

               Words on behalf of regional government

               Words on behalf of Barcelona Council

               Welcoming speech from the President of the ACPG, Mateu Ros.


              Opening cocktail party

               A visit to the Free Press Exhibition.


               AmNewYork, a paper for the new generations

AM New York is one of the main novelties in the free press sector in the United States. Edited by Tribune Corporation, the owner of Newsday, this new newspaper is mainly aimed at a readership of between 18 and 34 and differs from the rest of the market because of its focus on local editorial content and its researched distribution.


R. Pergament and D. A. Nizen describe the business strategy of the newspaper –from a marketing and informative point of view–, thereby offering an overview of the free press in the main cities of the US and will present the sector’s medium-term aims.

   Introductory video


Presented by Mateu Ros · editor of Capgròs and President of the ACPG


· Russel Pergament · founder of AM New York
   · Donald A. Nizen · director of distribution and diffusion of AM New York



20:15h    Opening cocktail party

               A visit to the Barcelona scale model.


21:00h    Supper

               Barcelona Princess Hotel

Thursday 26 October 2006

Second day





              The commercial department: the business engine

Many editors perceive problems when looking for a sales team, one of the bases of any free press company. How do you find them, what incentives do you offer and do you help them to specialise in the sale of publicity are the challenges tackled by the table, which will also touches on  the most cost-effective sectors in the area of publicity.


Introductory video


Presented and moderated by Pere Gayan · editor of Sinopsis and Vice President of the ACPG


· Jaime Castelló · Economics graduate and teacher of ESADE
Sales director of a publishing company



How to maximize revenue from the free press. Internet as an ally

Consumer behaviour on the internet continues to evolve quickly and the newspapers must take advantage of existing or potential possibilities. How can commercial possibilities of multi publishing companies be exploited? How can Internet become an ally? What medium-term added value can allied websites bring in terms of the sector or at local or regional information levels?

Introductory video


Presented by: Maciej Zielaskiewicz · sales director of Ediciones el Jueves, member of the ACPG board


· Juan Varela · Journalist, media consultant and editor of the news website 


11:45    Coffee break



General overview of the European free press

Media consultant ad free press researcher, doctor Piet Bakker has worked as a journalist for many newspapers, magazines and radio stations and currently works for the University of Amsterdam communications department. He has edited and published books and articles about reading habits, local journalism and the internet and edited one of the most prestigious specialised publications in the field of the European free press.

Piet Bakker will describe the predicament of the free press in the main European countries, giving details as to how the sector has evolved in relation to other sources of media and describing the characteristics of the most important publications (whether these involve publicity or information), as well as the distinctive features of each area, with reference to regional press.


Introductory video


Presented by: Alfons Udina · editor of the Fura, member of the ACPG board


· Piet Bakker · Teacher of the University of Amsterdam communications department



13:30    LECTURE

               The latest novelties to appear in the sphere of the free press


14:30    Working lunch

              Barcelona Princess Hotel


How can we reach the big advertiser?

The regional and local free press achieves an unbeatable readership and has every reason to appeal to advertisers. It is therefore the option chosen by most local companies but there continue to be few leading brands who design their campaigns by using a free network. Who is the model advertiser for the regional free press? What is the outcome when big advertisers try the local free press? What’s new on the market in terms of calculating readership? When will we have reliable data concerning local readership? What tools are not at the disposal of planners in order to work with the free press?


Introductory video


Presented and moderated by Ramon Grau · local press editor and honorary  president of the ACPG


· Lluís Tolosa · Director of the Barometer of Communication and Culture, the local communication market’s watchdog.

· Eusebio Serrano · General Director of Información y Control de Publicaciones

· Robert Gutierrez, Director-administrator of Mediamarkt

· Representative of the European Press Centre




               Free press horizons.

A new generation of readers exist: these are under fifty and used to having access to the news without having to pay, via the press and internet. The prestigious professor and ex dean of the University of Navarra Alfonso Nieto presents his latest observations of the free press sector.


Alfonso Nieto, teacher of Business in computers at the University of Navarra, is one of the most prestigious researchers in the free press sector. Author of one of the sector’s first books, La prensa gratuita, 1984 (EUNSA), he has created an academic field for the disciplines involving communication and business in the world of computers.


Introductory video


Presented by: Josep Masferrer · editor of Reclam and Vicepresident of the ACPG


· Alfonso Nieto · professor and ex dean of the University of Navarra



18:00    Coffee break



               Regulation to distribution of the free press. The local and regional case.

Distribution is one of the main challenges for the free press. The creation of new editions in medium-size cities in Catalonia and Spain leads to a new set of problems for the sector sector. How can we avoid the saturation on the streets and analyse the optimum models of distribution are among the objectives to be met by the round table which brings together representatives from the distribution of administration and private enterprise.


Introductory video


Presented and moderated by Josep Ritort · editor of Edicat and member of the ACPG board


· Jordi Macarro· Director of the information division of Catalan agency for waste

· Antoni Saurí · Council of Mataró specialist in the regulation of the free press.

· Jordi Carranza · manager of Tribuna Maresme




              - The design of the free press

What influence does design have on the consumption of information. What graphic features must the free press have? Must the specialised press look different from the mainstream press? How should a reduced format be modelled? Is an image worth more than a thousand words? One of Europe’s most prestigious press designers will present some of his best work in the field of the free press and will present reasons which make the art department key in the success of the publication.


Cases i Associats is responsible for the design of an important amount of papers which have set the scene in recent years. Since its foundation, Cases has managed the graphic creation and renovation of over 40 publications in Europe and Latin America.


Introductory video


Presented by Josep Ritort editor of Edicat and member of the ACPG board


· Antoni Cases · Director of the Cases i Associats studio



- Legislation and agreements of the Pymes(Small and medium-sized companies)

Free-press companies, especially at local and regional level, make up a new economic sector which involves thousands of workers throughout Spain. However, the free press has no collective agreement which includes its singular nature. The lawyer Xavier Pérez Llorca will establish the foundations for the first specific collective agreement for the local and regional press.


Presented by Miquel Pol · editor of Part Forana and member of the ACPG board


· Xavier Pérez Llorca ·  Perez Llorca law firm


20:30    End of the working day


22:00    Gala supper

             Barcelona Princess Hotel


Friday 27 October 2006

Third day



               From paper to internet

The online version of Clarín, Argentina’s main newspaper, receives half a million visits a day and is one of the world’s best known. Coinciding with its tenth anniversary, Clarin.com is introducing important changes which once again pay testimony to its innovative nature, which has been recognised internationally.


Guillermo Culell was part of Clarín’s redesign team; a process which involved, among other things, the reformulation of styles of journalism, graphic change, the launching of new products, the implantation of electronic paging, the use of colour and advertising modulation. In 1996 he headed the launching of Clarín.com, a responsibility he retains as de Head of content at Clarín Global, the Clarin group’s internet company.


Introductory video


Presented by: Antoni Company · editor of Zona Alta Barcelona and member of the ACPG board


· Guillermo Culell · Head of content at Clarín Global



10:40    Coffee break



The informative model of the new press: free and traditional newspapers

Is the free press in competition with the mainstream press in the sphere of computers? Do they represent complementary informative models? Is their audience the same? Is the press we pay for in crisis? Does the free press strengthen the conventional press by encouraging reading habits? Here directors from Catalonia’s main newspapers come together as part of a first meeting to discuss the mass media `ecosystem´.


· Jordi Juan · SubDirector of La Vanguardia

· Rafael Nadal · Director of El Periódico

· Jordi Busquets · Director of El Punt

· Carlos Enrique Bayo · Adjunt Director of ADN

· Enric Sierra · Director of 20 Minutos (Barcelona edition)

· Xavier Gual · Director of Metro (Catalan edition)




               - The Federation of the associations of press in Catalan

The Catalan Association of Area Press, the Association of Periodic Publications in Catalan and the Catalan Free Press Association represent the publications that make up the forum for communication in Catalan. The federation of the three associations is a decisive step in order to defend and promote both the Catalan press and press in Catalan, in a communicative environment which is increasingly dominated by large multinational communication groups.


· President of the Catalan Association of Area Press

· President of the Association of Periodic Publications in Catalan

· President of the Catalan Free Press Association